Wed Nagd Project for Agricultural and Livestock Production


The project was established in 2017 in the city of Damer near the city of Atbara in the state of the River Nile.

The project connects an asphalt paved street, only about 4 km east of the main road linking Khartoum - Atbara - Port Sudan.

The project is irrigated by a network of main canals, to which water flows directly from the Nile to it. As for the electricity, it reaches the project from the official main company of the Nile State.

Thus, this project is characterized by easy access to water and electricity, as well as easy access to it through its own asphalt road that connects it to the express line that connects it to Port Sudan directly.

The total area of ​​the project exceeds 25 million square meters

We started the first stage with the processing and cultivation of alfalfa in 16 circular axes 7-8 towers from the American company (Valley) and we chose the best types of American alfalfa seeds (WL903) to obtain the best leaf production and quality and the highest possible protein ratio with planning to reach 25 axes Ready to produce alfalfa very soon.

Since the land of the project is flat and suitable for planting many agricultural products, and after testing the soil and its suitability for many species, we intend to start planting tens of thousands of fruit trees, especially African mangoes of types (tumi, kent, and ket), which are comparable in quality and sweetness to the Indian and Pakistani mangoes.

In addition to the validity of the soil for the cultivation of sesame, sorghum, potatoes, and other agricultural crops.

The company is now also working on establishing the infrastructure for the livestock breeding project (cows, goats, and sheep), which will have the main objective of exporting meat to the Gulf countries and the world at competitive prices.

Since the company operates in a humane social development environment, it does not neglect to contribute to this great activity in terms of assistance, contribution, and development of social and humanitarian projects in the environment in which it works and lives.