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Who are we ?

Established in 2017 near Atbara in the state of River Nile, our project covers over 25 million square meters of fertile, flat land. Its location, just 4 km off the main Khartoum-Atbara-Port Sudan road, ensures easy access. The project benefits from a reliable supply of water from the Nile through a network of canals and electricity from the states main company.

Why Wed Najd ?


full adherence to the agreed time


High quality agricultural projects

New technology

We use modern agricultural technologies


clarity, transparency and credibility in work

Our services

1- Sale of production in the project. 2- Selling and shipping the product from the project and delivering it to the customer at the port he specifies inside Sudan or in any country. 3- We welcome special requests and are committed to producing the specifi
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